Friday, February 05, 2010


Plasticville Chronicle Special Alert (AP)

Suspected earthquake hits Urbandale, Iowa….

On January 23rd, a suspected earthquake of sizeable proportions struck a small area of Urbandale, Iowa. All Plasticvillians should be concerned with the complete destruction of the communal deck for the often held Sunday brunch of Train Party. Early reports had the Mayor of Plasticville consumed (smashed) under the deck, where he has been known to park his vehicle for protection. It can now be reported that the Mayor and most importantly his vehicle were not in the vicinity at the time of the quake.

After Mr. Eddy discovered that he was not covered by earthquake insurance, it was determined that the cause of the disaster was a large ice slide from the upper portions of his roof. It was very astute of Mr. Eddy to re-address the actual cause of this mishap, because now it would appear that insurance will be assisting in the recovery effort.

A special “sing-a-long” benefit has been suggested to bring in additional funds to help with the disaster relief efforts…..Send your funds to

DNE Relief Fund
P.O. Box 3048
Des Moines, Iowa 50316

Some of your donation “may” be tax deductible, please check with your attorney, accountant or tax adviser. Also a write-in campaign to the Obama’ “how-many-$$$-can-I-print” democracy has been solicited as a new stimulus fund for this Midwest disaster. The new and improved replacement deck will be designed by famous Phi Architect Tom "Taco" Seymour. So it won't be cheap. Please give 'til it hurts.

It is the dream of Mr. & Mrs. Eddy that a new deck will be erected in time for the annual 2010 Train Party. The Chronicle will continue reporting efforts of this tragic saga. More to follow…….

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

C'mon, C'mon, C'mon


Here's a candid photo of Mary Peterson with the internationally famous Max Heintz, taken prior to the first annual "Snaffler Classic" golf event held in the Quad Cities October 7-8.

Others in attendance included (l to r in attached) Max "Heen-Boy" Heintz, Clair "Hongo" Peterson, Craig "Ty-Town" Tyler, Jeff "Hummer" Humiston, Larry "Grapes" Graves, Gary "Soup" Campbell, Mike "Mull" Mulligan, and Fred "Torch" Miller.

The coveted Snaffler Trophy was at stake and was claimed by the team of Heintz, Graves, Miller, and Peterson. Temperatures at tee time were a crisp 32 degrees with flurries.

Wish you were there.

Clair Peterson, Cub (Kadet) Reporter

Monday, September 07, 2009

Sarah and Sam and Chicago

Congratulations to Sarah and Sam! Thank you to Don and Martha! What a stunning setting for a stunning couple.

By couple I mean Sarah and Sam (and Don and Martha but NOT Don and Pete. Though they aren't bad either). I have fewer photos because I was fooling with my video camera. Here are a few video highlights from the Chicago Weekend.

The Flip video is perhaps a little shaky. For those of you with PC's, my condolences. With my little 3 year old MacBook it's easy to edit things to a somewhat manageable movie. My first try putting a video on this blog, and of course it loses some quality from the original. The version above is small. If you have more time, the version below will load a little more slowly but look better.

It was a great weekend, marred only by the absence of "da Mayor."

Tom and Kathy, an only somewhat secondary thank you for the great party on Friday night. Sarah Miller, thanks for gracing us with your presence.

Any opportunity to get our family together is great fun for me. With the absence of the Greens, we are now the only family with a 100% TP wedding attendance record (one category I thought I had no chance of besting the MacInnes family in - Alissa and Beau, thanks for moving to London).

A memorable weekend in a great city. No disrespect to Des Moines, but it was great to be in Sweet Home

Monday, July 06, 2009

Train Party 2009

We chugged to the Train Party again, ready for fun and fellowship.

The whole gang was there.




Grandchildren!!!! Isn't it romantic?

The Train Party is so big, it needs two expert conductors.

As always, there were lots of laughs.

Bocce champions were crowned. Congrats Dan and Sam.

And People's Champions too! Congrats to Kathy and Kate.

It was a romp! What a great time!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fun At Gramma's

I like staying overnight at Gramma's house. When I went to sleep last night the ice was tapping against the window.

After I slept almost twelve hours, Gramma started my day off by fixing me pancakes. Ummm. Pancakes are so much fun! I know how to dip them in syrup. They taste good and I really like sticking my fingers into them and giving them a spin.

You should give it a try. Spinning pancakes is almost as much fun as using my fingers to smear syrup all over my tray.

Wow, look at all the ice and snow! Grampa's got a lot of shoveling to do!

After breakfast I like to read. Today I decided to catch up on what Brad Pitt's been doing. Don't you think he looks a little silly with the moustache?

Then it was time for a little game of peek-a-boo with Grampa.


Grampa didn't have to go to school today because of the snowstorm. We had lots of time to play with the "Steamer!" Look everyone, here's the smokestack!

Well my Mom just pulled up in the driveway to pick me up after her overnight stay at Mercy Hospital. I can't wait to see her! I'll talk to you later.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fall On Your Knees!

On Saturday night Don and Martha hosted once again their fabulous holiday gala celebration.

The carols were on key, thanks in large part to Mary's stylings at the piano . . .

Santa made his way in from Illinois . . .

As always, a great event!!!!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Barny's Weekend - 2008

Photographic proof from Stew that a great time was had by all.

For there was food . . .

Wine . . .

Cigars and scotch . . .

Wildlife . . .

Bocce . . .

Art and culture and conversation . . .

Laughs . . .

Friends . . .

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Nuptial Madness

The three 2008 weddings are now behind us. And what magnificent times they were!

Handsome couples!

OK, this couple photo is missing the beautiful half. Here's Megan on her day.

Music and dancing abounding.

Security was tight.

But as always, Plasticvillians arrived at each wedding and wedding related event in force.

By my calculations, only two families had perfect attendance at this year's three weddings.

Doctor and Mrs. Crown Rudolf and the Oleson/Morton-Peters clan.

The "Travelling Trophy" grew with each wedding.

Just a great set of events. Thanks to Don, Martha, Jon and Megan! Pete, Marny, Andy and Lindsey!! And Rick, Cathy, Alissa and Beau!!!